LS 5653 Module 1 USBBY Outstanding International Book

Rogers, Gregory. The Hero of Little Street. New York: Neal Porter Book, 2012. ISBN 9781596437296

The Hero of Little Street is a wordless book that tells the story of a boy who escapes bullies by running into a gallery, only to follow a dog (that leapt out of one painting) into another. It’s a fun, fast paced adventure with a lively cartoon feel (including frames).

Like many picture books, this is a book that ages well. Young children will enjoy the comic-book feel, bright colors, and (for the youngest) lack of words. They will be able to tell the story (likely a little different with each telling) to an adult as opposed to an adult telling them the story. For older kids and teens, the paintings and statues that the boy passes and enters in the gallery can be researched.

This could be paired with other picture books for younger children, Inkheart for teens (both involve entering and exiting artistic works), or Girl with a Pearl Earring for a study of art (or Vermeer) in literature.


Patricia Wrightson Prize-2010 (Shortlist Australia)
School Library Journal Book Review Stars-2012
USBBY Outstanding International Booklist-2012


Booklist—“ The frenetic pacing and subtle visual gags sprinkled throughout will reward repeat viewings, and the Dutch setting makes for a particularly striking backdrop. A delightful little excursion for busy imaginations.”

Kirkus—“Since young readers are probably even less likely to groove on Vermeer than on Shakespeare, who figured in the earlier titles, the romp must depend upon plenty of slapstick to keep them engaged–and it delivers. Small, comic-book–style panels convey the action, punctuated by breathtaking longshots of galleries and the streets and canals of Delft. Boy and dog career along, tripping up pedestrians and smashing blue-and-white crockery”

Chipman, Ian. Booklist. April 2012. (Vol. 108, No. 16). Accessed via CLCD at

Kirkus. Kirkus Reviews. January 2012. (Vol. 80, No. 2). Accessed via CLCD at

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